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Iran, China Try to Hack D.C. Voting System, as U Mich DOES Hack It; Novelist Mike Palecek on “Camp America”

Bradblog Bombshell: U of Michigan team hacks into D.C. election system, finds evidence that Chinese and Iranian computers had tried to hack in; novelist Mike Palecek on his latest, Camp America Brad breaks the story of Prof. J. Alex Halderman and a student team at the University of Michigan who easily broke in to servers in Washington D. C. that were going to be used to process votes from troops overseas this November (now canceled). The hackers cracked passwords in 36 hours, changed votes, left code to change future votes, found 937 records that included the PIN codes for military voters, discovered evidence of attacks from Iran and China, changed the passwords, and set the system up to play the Michigan fight song after each person voted. Astounding news, great journalism–read all about it! Mike Palecek is a former Democratic congressional candidate whose new novel Camp America or Love & Bigfoot in the Time of Swine Flu is a chilling look at the police state that can too easily take hold in our country. He explores the potential of the secret detention camps reportedly contracted to Halliburton’s KBR and how most Americans can be distracted by a big football game while citizens who know too much are tortured in the locker rooms. Support this independent writer/publisher here by buying the book; find out more about the author here.