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TSA’s Gropefest, DeLay’s Conviction, More from WikiLeaks

Kate Hanni on new TSA airport tactics; Jason Leopold on the conviction of former Rep. Tom DeLay for money laundering, and on the new disclosures from WikiLeaks; and author Steve Hendricks returns to talk about rendition and the WikiLeaks revelations. These segments were broadcast on Nov. 30 as PBC subbed on the Norman Goldman Show. Hanni is the advocate for travelers who started, and she talks about the new TSA full body scanners and intrusive pat down searches, and speculates that TSA relaxed its procedures over the Thanksgiving travel rush to reduce the lines and bad publicity. Leopold is Deputy Managing Editor for Truthout, and joins us at 17:18 to talk about the guilty verdicts returned against DeLay, former #2 leader in the House. Leopold also talks about the fresh batch of documents released by WikiLeaks, and we hear Secretary of State Clinton’s denunciation of the leaks. At 44:05, author Steve Hendricks returns to talk about his book A Kidnapping in Milan and the secret cables regarding rendition that have just been exposed. They show a pattern of threats from the US aimed at allies who wanted to investigate US crimes on their soil, including Germany, Italy and Britain.