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Frank Comments from Author/Columnist Tom Frank; Will Durst on the Great American Patdown

Thomas C. Frank is darned happy about his new gig as the lead columnist at Harper’s magazine, and chats it up with PBC on a range of topics; Will Durst wants to be able to have a cigarette after he gets groped at the airport. Frank is the author of What’s the Matter With Kansas and, more recently, The Wrecking Crew. He recently survived a stint as the token lib on the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page, and now writes in the hallowed space where Lewis H. Lapham’s essays appeared for many years. We talk about the columnist, columnizing, and even a bit about the debut column itself–about content mills, where underpaid writers churn out bland content for meager fees…….and about the decline of the news business. We also take a rambling tour of the current news and political scene, including Obama’s problems, WikiLeaks, domestic wiretapping and much more. Will Durst’s latest commentary starts at 55:43, and is about TSA’s new enhanced pat-down programs and body scanners.