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Final Podcast of 2010: Progressives Face Challenges from GOP and Dems in 2011

Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest University and Tim Carpenter of Progressive Democrats of America discuss the new political mix in Washington and offer advice on how to confront the challenges from the right and from Democrats. These conversations were first broadcast on December 30 on the Norman Goldman Show. Coates is the author of Answering Back: Liberal Responses to Conservative Arguments and has a great website. He advises the left to re-frame the incoherent policies of the right and to challenge the hypocrisy of blaming deficits on Obama while forcing tax cuts for the rich that….add to the deficit! Carpenter, who joins us at 40:34, is the tireless national director of Progressive Democrats of America, their website is here. He offers his comments on the lame duck session “victories” claimed by Dems, the threat of redistricting to Dennis Kucinich and others, the purge of many Blue Dogs from the House, and the prospects of a progressive challenger to Obama in 2010. Near the end of the podcast, you will hear the audio from Mark Fiore’s animated political cartoon. See it here.