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Special Report from Gaza: Activist Ken O’Keefe Reports Dismal Conditions and Recent Israeli Airstrikes

It’s been 2 years since Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, the deadly assault on the Gaza Strip. Ken O’Keefe, founder of Aloha Palestine, delivers unvarnished, uncensored views from Gaza City. O’Keefe is a former Marine who is quite outspoken in his criticism of Israel and the US for the blockade of Gaza, and was on the Mavi Marmara in May, 2010 when the unarmed aid ship was attacked by Israeli forces in international waters. O’Keefe describes the current situation and recent Israeli air raids, and comments on the recent WikiLeaks cables that reveal Israel’s deliberate policy of keeping Gaza “on the brink of collapse” and Juan Cole’s report of Gen. Ashkenazi’s briefing of US leaders on plans for a major new war against Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, vowing “Israel cannot accept any restrictions on “warfare in urban areas”. O’Keefe recounts his experiences on the Mavi Marmara, and offers blistering comments on Obama’s efforts in the Middle East. Some strong language is used. Find out more about Aloha Palestine here.