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Chamber of Commerce Goons Plot Cyberwar with Chamber’s Critics!

Brad Friedman of and Kevin Zeese from detail the newly exposed plan to disrupt and discredit critics of the US Chamber of Commerce. Please share this widely, and push the corporate media to cover this episode properly! As you listen, refer to Brad’s excellent, lengthy report here. This is quite a story–cyber security experts who have worked for our government and the powerful DC law firm, Hunton & Williams (H & W)–are exposed plotting against Chamber critics and WikiLeaks supporters via the release of thousands of emails by hackers known as Anonymous. “Team Themis” is comprised of 3 cyber security firms– Berico, Palantir and HBGary Federal; the emails and attachments included detailed info on Friedman and writer Glenn Greenwald, along with plans to improperly collect Facebook data on them and others, and to plant false information with WikiLeaks and others that could be used to discredit them. While the Chamber claims it didn’t know about the efforts, the emails suggest that the Chamber retained H & W to collect bids for the disinformation campaign, and the vendors were planning to charge $2 million per month for managing the Chamber’s sophisticated attack plans.