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Another Frank Chat with Thomas Frank; Gary Chew Reviews “Red Riding Hood”

Thomas Frank, columnist for Harper’s, returns to chat about the coordinated assault on unions and the middle class; Gary Chew, who is not a 12-year-old girl, reviews the remake of Red Riding Hood. Frank is the author of The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule and What’s the Matter with Kansas?–How Conservatives Won the Heart of America, and he just returned from Wisconsin. We talk about the class war that the rich are winning, even as workers and Democrats are blamed for trying to start a class war. We talk about the role of Grover Norquist in leading the charge to de-fund the left by using GOP-created deficits as a pretext for action against public employee unions. Citing Frank’s newest column in Harpers, we discuss two favorite quotes of right wingers–one attributed to Franklin, the other to Jefferson–that were never uttered by those founding fathers. We talk about NPR’s cave-in to O’Keefe’s ambush video, and offer opinions on why Obama is not getting involved in these important struggles. At 55:45, Chew chews up the new Red Riding Hood like the big bad wolf he always dreamed of becoming.