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Author/Radio Host Brian Kahn on “Real Common Sense”; Radio Host Jon Elliott Has Launched His Podcast!

Montana public radio host Brian Kahn’s new book, Real Common Sense offers an incisive analysis of the radical right and how we can counter their moves; Jon Elliott, former Air America host, has launched his podcast! Kahn’s book is subtitled Using Our Founding Values to Reclaim Our Nation and Stop the Radical Right from Hijacking America, and we discuss his views in the context of the current battle to reduce Bush’s deficits–offering criticism of both parties. Kahn’s book is strong but persuasive, and is a good gift for conservative friends or family members. He nails Grover Norquist and his ilk for trying to reduce government regulation for his corporate benefactors while increasing regulation and government power to wiretap in the US, detain people without charge, and rollback abortion rights and access to family planning. And he offers some clear ideas on fixing our broken system.

At 39:10, Jon Elliott reports that he has launched his podcast, after hearing encouragement from PBC listeners. Please follow the link to his site and sign up to receive the podcast–I promised him we would double his audience. We talk about a range of recent issues, including the budget battles at the state and federal level and our adventure in Libya.