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David Swanson, Just Back from Afghanistan; Gary Chew Reviews “The Conspirator”

David Swanson, activist and author of War is a Crime reports on his recent trip to Kabul and some interesting people he met;  film reviewer Gary Chew on Robert Redford’s new flick about the Lincoln assasination.Swanson, a tireless promoter of peace, blogs here.  This week, British newspapers confirmed that BP and other oil companies pushed Tony Blair to join Bush’s invasion of Iraq–despite the repeated denials and ridicule of those who argued the war was for oil.  Swanson has suggested that a press conference of US elected officials apologizing for the oil lie would require a ballpark.  He goes on to report on his April trip to Afghanistan: his flight to Kabul was filled with mercenaries; he met Ramazan Bashardost, whom he calls the Kucinich of Afghanistan, and who placed 3rd in the fraud-riddled 2009 presidential election; he met young activists in a rising Afghan peace movement, and he talks about widespread support by Americans for withdrawal.

At 38:07, Gary Chew tells us about the new Redford film.