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David Swanson, Just Back from Afghanistan; Gary Chew Reviews “The Conspirator”

David Swanson, activist and author of War is a Crime reports on his recent trip to Kabul and some interesting people he met;  film reviewer Gary Chew on Robert Redford's new flick about the Lincoln assasination.Swanson, a tireless promoter of peace, blogs here.  This week, British newspapers confirmed that BP and other oil companies pushed Tony Blair to join Bush's invasion of Iraq--despite the repeated denials and ridicule of those who argued the war was for oil.  Swanson has suggested that a press conference of US elected officials apologizing for the oil lie would require a ballpark.  He goes on to report on his April trip to Afghanistan: his flight to Kabul was filled with mercenaries; he met Ramazan Bashardost, whom he calls the Kucinich of Afghanistan, and who placed 3rd in the fraud-riddled 2009 presidential election; he met young activists in a rising Afghan peace movement, and he talks about widespread support by Americans for withdrawal.

At 38:07, Gary Chew tells us about the new Redford film.