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Media Failures: Protesters Challenge Obama on Manning’s Treatment; Journalism Prof. Cites Spiral of Silence Over Trig Palin’s Birth Certificate and Details

Activist Logan Price with a first-person account of his chat with Obama at SF fundraiser that produced an outrageous comment from the Prez;  Professor Bradford W. Scharlott of N. Kentucky U critiques MSM for failing to pursue important details of Trig Palin’s birth–the “birther” story the corporate media won’t touch. Price attended a $5,000 per person fundraiser for Obama at a San Francisco hotel on April 21.  The President was interrupted by a group that serenaded him with a satirical song that referred to the detention of WikiLeaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning.  Price describes the scene and goes on to tell us about his own conversation with Obama, some of which was captured on tape.  We refer to the website of the Bradley Manning Support Network and to Glenn Greenwald’s excellent commentary at Salon.  We discuss the president’s outrageously inappropriate remark (I’d call it “Bush League”) that Manning “broke the law” when he has not yet been court martialed.  We also talk about the president’s incorrect assertions that the Pentagon Papers were of lower classification than WikiLeaks, and that the president has to observe the rules of classified materials.  And we talk about the secret transfer of Manning from Quantico to Leavenworth.

At about 35:07, Scharlott joinsus to talk about the media’s stand-down on the questions relating to the birth of Trig Palin.  Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan has been raising the questions since 2008, boiled down to:  exactly when and where was Trig born, and is Sarah Palin his mother, grandmother, or neither?   After reviewing the known facts, sketchy aserti0ns and contradictions, Scharlott wrote a 29-page academic paper to detail them, and to discuss the “spiral of silence” that prevents pursuit of the truth. We also refer to Vanity Fair’s 2008 timeline of Palin pregnancies.  Read Scharlott’s paper, examine the photos, and decide for yourself.

Bottom Line: the media is not doing its job!