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Is That Cellphone a Risk to Your Brain? Check Out the New Los Angeles Review of Books!

Neuroscience researcher Mark Underwood talks about the risk of heavy cellphone use on the brain;  Tom Lutz, editor in chief of the new L. A. Review of Books shares the news of this exciting new online magazine.Underwood is president and co-founder of Quincy Bioscience.  We talk about the risk of radiation from cellphones and other sources of radio waves that may be harmful, and that lack of credible scientific studies about the widespread exposure to radiation produced by our wireless gadgets and tools.  While he’s not an alarmist, Underwood recommends that we avoid heavy use of mobile phones while placed against the head, using Bluetooth headsets, earphones and other ways of reducing direct exposure.  He is promoting brain health and longevity using a Quincy product called Prevagen, and is sending your humble host some samples.  If there’s any remarkable effect, we will let you know! Segment 2 starts at 26:39             Tom Lutz is Chair of Creative Writing and Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at University of California, Riverside.  He is deeply in love with the world of books and authors, and has started the L. A. Review of Books.  He talks about the premature pronouncement that “books are dead” and acknowledges the major changes in publishing.  The web site is up now in “soft launch” mode, so you can get a flavor of what the site will be like when it is fully developed.  He has an impressive array of contributors, and unlike Arianna, he is planning to pay them!  Writers, send your ideas to: