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Brad Friedman on Wisconsin Recount; Ian Brennan on Anger Management; Gary Chew on Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”

Estimable journalist Brad Friedman of Bradblog returns to update us on the sordid details of the recount in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election of April 5;   Ian Brennan, musician and producer, on his book Anger Antidotes: How Not to Lose Your S#&!, and Gary Chew reviews the new Woody Allen flick, set in Paris. In Wisconsin, challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg was ahead by 200 votes on election night; then a partisan election official in Waukeshaw County “found” 14,000 votes that tilted the election to incumbent David Prosser.  Friedman reports on the partial recount that exposed shoddy procedures, including ballot bags that were ripped wide open, but had left the precincts sealed.  And we hear Kloppenberg’s concession on May 31 that identifies many other irregularities, along with her comments to Friedman in a radio interview that she still doesn’t really know who won.

At 51:50 we meet Ian Brennan, a multi-talented guy (see his website here for more) with a neat new book about anger.  It’s well-designed and thoughtfully written in a most accessible manner, and offers examples and responses for a wide range of anger and human conflicts.  We talk through a number of examples of the origins of anger, its triggers, and ways to defuse or prevent outbursts.  There’s an audio book version available at iTunes, and here is the web page for the book.

At about 1:30 into the podcast, our official film reviewer, Gary Chew, returns to tell us about Woody Allen’s new movie.  Your humble host just saw it last night, enjoyed it immensely, says “Go see it”!