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‘Iron Man’ Reveals Pre-9/11 Intel, Coverup; Details on FBI Raids on American Peace Activists

Dr. Jeffrey Kaye of Truthout on the revelations of “Iron Man”, a former military intelligence official who knew that al Qaeda was planning attacks on the twin towers and Pentagon;  Chicago lawyer Michael Deutsch details the September, 2010 raid on 23 peace activists and compares it to COINTELPRO.Dr. Kaye is a Bay Area psychologist who has reported on America’s torture policies and Guantanmo.  His confidential source, “Iron Man”, is at the center of two recent articles, here and here.  He says that his unit at the Defense Intelligence Agency was tracking bin Laden, but was ordered to stop the surveillance before 9/11.  “Iron Man” also asserts that this and other information were covered up, as the DIA told investigators for the joint House-Senate investigation into 9/11 that it had no relevant information.  And he is critical of the Inspector General for the Defense Department for his handling of the issues.  Kaye and your humble host agree that we need a credible, impartial investigation to get the the truth about 9/11.

At 38:30 we talk with Michael Deutsch, from the Peoples Law Office in Chicago, about the FBI raids September 24, 2010 in Chicago and Minneapolis against peace activists and labor organizers.  23 individuals are targeted, and US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has a grand jury reviewing allegations of “material support” for named terrorist groups.  Deutsch details the use of a paid FBI informant (40 year old woman who said she’s a lesbian”) wiretapping and other methods, and decries the growing use of “material support” as a way of chilling First Amendment activities.  Here is a link to the Washington Post story we refer to in the interview.  Deutsch makes comparisons to COINTELPRO, and we mention his former partner Jeffrey Haas, who was our guest in podcast #104 regarding the state murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton.