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Outrage: DHS Whistleblower Endured Reprisals for Doing Her Job!

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In this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds, we talk with Julia Davis.  Her story is shocking: she was subjected to more than 50 investigations, wiretapped, illegal searches, a no-warrant raid by 27 armed men in black who emerged from a Blackhawk helicopter to raid her home and much more.  Please share this story of police state tactics with all your friends.Julia Davis was an acting supervisor for Homeland Security, and tried to alert her chain of command to suspicious activity at the border with Mexico south of San Diego around July 4, 2004.  When she notified the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force of her concerns, her embarrassed bosses retaliated in extreme ways, leading to the copter assault on her home.  Davis has prevailed in court on numerous cases, and a new documentary film tells her story:  The Terror Within. You can see the trailer and learn more about her case here.   This is an amazing story that is well-documented, and shows unconstitutional law enforcement tactics being used to silence Davis and send a message to others.  Davis also tells about the suspicious deaths of people related to the case, including actress Brittany Murphy.