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Kevin Zeese at Occupy DC; Corporate Cops Monitor Manhattan; Bill Hartung on Arms Lobby’s Influence on ‘Supercommittee’; Gary Chew Reviews ‘Margin Call’


Activist Kevin Zeese reports from Occupy DC, where an agenda is emerging;  PBC discloses that bankster goons share video surveillance with NYPD;  William D. Hartung, expert on military-industrial complex, on the industry’s huge influence on deficit-whacking “supercommittee”; and Gary Chew reviews the new film, Margin Call.

Zeese, an attorney and leader of many progressive actions, reports from Occupy DC, where they just published the first edition of The Occupy Washington Post and a broad, 7-point agenda of issues is surfacing.  We talk about that agenda, express solidarity with the general strike in Oakland, and Zeese says the political system is too broken to try to steer the protests to political action in 2012.

At about 18:22, PBC shares a report from Counterpunch writer Pam Martens about the pervasive police surveillance of lower Manhattan, which is shared with security goons from the banks and other financial institutions, and privately operated by the wealthy and well-connected Tisch family.  Big Brother, making money on watching you.

At 23:37, we talk with Hartung, author of Prophets of War, which we discussed in a March, 2011 podcast here.  Hartung has just completed a study, Tools of Influence, revealing the large campaign contributions to members of the deficit-cutting “supercommittee” from the war industry.

At 58:00, film critic Gary Chew returns to tell us about Kevin Spacey’s Margin Call.