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Dept. of Oops Begs Your Pardon!

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The two most recent podcasts, 310 and 311, each were posted with glitches that were caused by a single (but different) keystroke error.

You have your own computer sob stories, so you don’t want to hear how the PC that I use to manage the podcasts has some kind of malware that interrupts my typing withou notice, like that “t” that’s missing from “without”.  So, in podcast 311, it cut me off as I was typing the string of characters that form the file name, and the “3” in “mp3” was missing.  Further, you are probably indifferent to my speculation that the cause of this is my expired McAfee (that’s Irish for mafia) security software, because those damn reminder messages often pop up just before    the hiccup, which just happened again while I typed this.  And beyond that,  (it did it again) you don’t want to hear me rant about how PC’s and Windows really suck.

Thanks to several astute listeners who alerted me to the error.  It’s fixe

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