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Urge Obama to Veto Defense Bill with Draconian Clauses: FBI Whistleblower Coleen Rowley and Patriot Act Victim Susan Lindauer

Coleen Rowley, 24-year FBI agent, details Senate debate and 93-7 passage of dangerous bill;  Susan Lindauer was detained at a military base and spent 5 years fighting in court to win freedom.

Rowley returns to the program, and expands on her article that rips the Senate for passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012.  The three offending parts:  extension of the 9/13/01 Authorization for Use of Military Force and expansion of targets, essentially giving presidents carte blanche for war and assassination; permits US citizens accused of terrorist links to be held indefinitely without charge; essentially requires that Gunatanamo remain open and that noncitizen terror suspects be tried by the military.  Rowley details the efforts be Sens. Udall and Feinstein to amend the bill to exclude US citizens, both failed on 45-55 votes.  We also talk about the raids in Chicago and Minneapolis in Septemebr 2010, which we covered with attorney Michael Deutsch on PBC podcast 264, 6/17/11.  At the end of Rowley’s article, there are links to petitions at the White House and Sen. Udall’s office calling for a veto of this dangerous bill.

At 39:35, we talk with Susan Lindauer, an American and former CIA asset who was harrassed under the Patriot Act for trying to tell the truth about 9/11 and Iraq’s lack of WMD.  She was held for almost a year at an Air Force base in Texas, for psychiatric evaluation, and fought a legal system that was stacked against her.  Her story shows that Americans have already been subjected to unconstitutional detention and prosecution, and she is appalled by this law.  Lindauer is the author of Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Coverups of 9/11 and Iraq.

You can get the book here.  You can hear our prior interview here.


Please contact the White House and demand a veto!