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PBC News & Comment: Friday, December 9

Lead story:  Nick Bryant, author and expert on child sex predators, talks about the Sandusky case at Penn State, and the Nebraska child sex trafficking ring he exposed in his book, The Franklin Scandal.  The full interview and more info in our next podcast, 328.

Also covered:

–popular Irish Archbishop accused of child sex abuse

–activist vs. etymologist on the term “anchor baby”

–Bloomberg vs. Nadler on the rights of Occupy protesters

–Trump’s debate draws only Newt and Santorum (didja google it?)

–Rick Perry bashes gays in the military, thrashes the godless

–Debit cards of supermarket customers being double-billed

–Durban climate change conference interrupted for a moment of reality from a 21-year old American college student

–California budget on track for $1 billion in “automatic cuts”

–The Daily Show’s Jon Oliver gets a profane explanation of the gridlock in California from Democratic state pary chair John &%$#@# Burton