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PBC News & Comment, Wednesday December 14

Confusing, conflicting reports on the language in the Defense funding bill that enables detention of Americans without charge or trial.  We urge you to demand an Obama veto until the bill can be fixed.We start with the NDAA and its unconstitutional provisions, some of which seem to conflict with each other.  We play a clip from Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show from 12/13, with guest Raha Wala of Human Rights First.  Call the White House:  202-456-1212.

Also covered:

–GOP House passes radioactive payroll tax cut bill, and Tom Frank comments in an excerpt from PBC podcast 333

–GOP setting stage for government shutdown?

–Ohio Republicans close to passing anti-abortion law

–California makes mid-year budget cuts to schools, libraries, and vulnerable seniors and disabled people

–SF 49ers get 85% financing for new stadium, including $100 million plus from local taxpayers