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PBC News & Comment, Tuesday January 3

NY Times won Pulitzer for exposing Rumsfeld's propaganda on Iraq invasion, but buries report of Inspector General exonerating Rummy and the gang.  Plus: appeals court on wiretapping lawsuits, North Korea's L'il Kim and much more..........Catching up on a backlog of items reported during the holidays, including:

--Japan claims cold shutdown at Fukushima

--US agrees to take Yemen's dictator Saleh, but he balks again

--Dems claim win on payroll tax cut fight, but it sucks all around

--"Democrat" Ben Nelson retires from Senate

--Obama signs NDAA on 12/31, new loss of constitutional rights

--Obama campaign will tilt against Congress

--Glenn Greenwald's comparisons of Ron Paul and Obama draw boos

--Greenwald also posted great column on Egypt and Iran

--Piers Morgan testifies on UK phone hacking; can we send him back?

--Rep. Anna Eshoo (finally) calls out Grover Norquist

--Brits allow undercover cops to screw people in groups they infiltrate