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PBC News & Comment, Tuesday January 3

NY Times won Pulitzer for exposing Rumsfeld’s propaganda on Iraq invasion, but buries report of Inspector General exonerating Rummy and the gang.  Plus: appeals court on wiretapping lawsuits, North Korea’s L’il Kim and much more……….Catching up on a backlog of items reported during the holidays, including:

–Japan claims cold shutdown at Fukushima

–US agrees to take Yemen’s dictator Saleh, but he balks again

–Dems claim win on payroll tax cut fight, but it sucks all around

–“Democrat” Ben Nelson retires from Senate

–Obama signs NDAA on 12/31, new loss of constitutional rights

–Obama campaign will tilt against Congress

–Glenn Greenwald’s comparisons of Ron Paul and Obama draw boos

–Greenwald also posted great column on Egypt and Iran

–Piers Morgan testifies on UK phone hacking; can we send him back?

–Rep. Anna Eshoo (finally) calls out Grover Norquist

–Brits allow undercover cops to screw people in groups they infiltrate