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PBC Chats with Listener: Should Progressives Support Ron Paul? Meet Author and Anarchist scott crow!





Listener Doug Zimmerman joins PBC to talk about the pluses and minuses of Ron Paul–should progressives support him, at least in the primaries?  Anarchist scott crow (sic, no caps) deepens the definition of “anarchism”…..prepare to be surprised!Zimmerman is an activist from Columbus, Ohio who attended the progressive radio conference in Madison, WI in 2008.  He has no illusions about Ron Paul, but makes a good case that progressives can support him, at least in the primaries, because he offers the most direct challenge to Obama on war, presidential power, wiretapping and the Patriot Act.  And Zimmerman persuades your humble host that a Paul-Obama debate would force Obama to respond to the progressive base he takes for granted–much more than, say a Romney-Obama debate.

In the second segment, starting at 33:20, scott crow talks about anarchism, community organizing, and his new book:  Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective.  crow went to New Orleans after Katrina to rescue a friend, then returned to the Algiers neighborhood where they fought local police, federal troops, Blackwater goons and armed white supremacists in order to help residents get rescued and rebuild.  He explains how aspects of the Black Panther and Zapatista programs influenced the Common Ground Collective, and offers a definition of anarchism that is much deeper than the one we often use.  He argues that the Occupy movement is largely based on the ideas advanced by contemporary anarchists, and talks about the police state tactics that were used against him, even before 9/11.  You can visit his website here and buy the book here.