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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, January 18

Obama says "not now" to Keystone XL pipeline, doesn't swallow GOP's poison pill.  SOPA/PIPA internet piracy bills appear stalled due to bipartisan objections.Also covered: says the Senator from Searchlight, Nevada--Majority Leader Harry Reid--has scooped up over $500,000 in contributions from supporters of PIPA and over $100,000 from opponents. Overall, the bills have generated more than $16 million in total contributions

--Israel says "not now" regarding an attack on Iran

--David Swanson reports that the council in Charlottesville, VA has passed a resolution opposing war on Iran

--Boiling Frogs Post reports Turkey will train the new Libyan police force

--Prof. Gar Alperovitz, author of America Beyond Capitalism, talks about tone-deaf GOP candidates who ignore Occupy and the 99%.  Hear the full conversation in our In-depth Interview in Podcast 357, due on January 19.