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PBC News & Comment Monday, January 23

Supreme Court upholds 4th Amendment in GPS tracking case!  Sen. Rand Paul declines TSA grope, misses flight in Nashville.  Also covered:

–as reported in podcast 358, Jason Leopold of Truthout has exposed the FBI’s secret “blackball” policy on FOIA requests.  Today, Truthout reports another case where the Court says the FBI lied about its handling of FOIA requests by Muslim Americans in southern California

–NY Times internal skirmish over exposing the blatant lies of GOP presidential candidates continues

–CNN took a browbeating from Gingrich last week and could not muster the truth in the face of his bluster; Newtie’s win in South Carolina largely driven by negative ads from super PACs and the candidates

–UN says US continues to flout international law at Guantanamo

–US extends visa to Yemeni dictator; PBC reminds that admitting the Shah of Iran to US was a huge mistake

–Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz

–Charlotte Observer reports old news, that CIA renditions are handled by Aero Contractors from airstrip in Johnston County, NC

–Peter Singer of Brookings raises some important questions about US drone policy and the lack of Congressional approval, while missing other important points