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PBC News & Comment Thursday, February 2

Gary Glitter song banned from Superbowl, as superslut Madonna performs at halftime; Indiana cripples unions with “right to work (for less!)” law  Also covered:

–more reaction to Komen Foundation’s political hit on Planned Parenthood

–Pentagon’s Panetta ducks question about Israeli plan to attack Iran this spring

–survey of Taliban prisoner interrogations shows that Taliban members believe in their cause, and expect the Taliban to regain control when US leaves; this NATO report conflicts sharply with Panetta’s prediction that combat troops will leave next year

–lawyers are sanctioned for bringing suit that blames Cheney and Rumsfeld for the 9/11 attacks

–P G & E, my rogue utility monopoly, has the top utility regulator in their corner–he was CEO of Southern California Edison;  a gas pipeline explosion in 2006 has exposed intentional negligence–some executives got bonuses for NOT inspecting pipelines.  P G & E is trying to shift most of the cost to ratepayers.

–the same patsy Public Utilities Commission just approved a plan to let me opt out of a wireless “smart meter”–but I must first pay $75 extortion and then an extra $10 per month.

–we close with a spoof commercial about smart meters that I created a year ago