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PBC News & Comment Thursday, February 2

Gary Glitter song banned from Superbowl, as superslut Madonna performs at halftime; Indiana cripples unions with "right to work (for less!)" law  Also covered:

--more reaction to Komen Foundation's political hit on Planned Parenthood

--Pentagon's Panetta ducks question about Israeli plan to attack Iran this spring

--survey of Taliban prisoner interrogations shows that Taliban members believe in their cause, and expect the Taliban to regain control when US leaves; this NATO report conflicts sharply with Panetta's prediction that combat troops will leave next year

--lawyers are sanctioned for bringing suit that blames Cheney and Rumsfeld for the 9/11 attacks

--P G & E, my rogue utility monopoly, has the top utility regulator in their corner--he was CEO of Southern California Edison;  a gas pipeline explosion in 2006 has exposed intentional negligence--some executives got bonuses for NOT inspecting pipelines.  P G & E is trying to shift most of the cost to ratepayers.

--the same patsy Public Utilities Commission just approved a plan to let me opt out of a wireless "smart meter"--but I must first pay $75 extortion and then an extra $10 per month.

--we close with a spoof commercial about smart meters that I created a year ago