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PBC News & Comment Monday, February 6

Clint Eastwood's superbowl spot for Chrysler--a pro-Obama re-write of the Detroit bailout? NWPC calls for Brinker resignation from Komen Foundation.  Also covered--

--Madonna bandmate flips the bird on national TV, conservatives call for more censorship

--Warren Buffet is set to profit from Keystone-XL pipeline, with an excerpt from an interview with researcher Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog

--estimates of US natural gas reserves reduced by 40%

--Stanford Journalism professor Joel Brinkley has a strong column in Sunday's S. F. Chronicle about drugs in Afghanistan: 40% of cops and soldiers are regular users.  Brinkley has agreed to talk for an upcoming podcast.

--Ayatollah Khameini issued threats from Tehran, and Israel continues to threaten a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuke facilities

--AP ran a good weekend story on the big money flowing to SuperPACs from a handful of rich f**kers

--Broadcasters lobby to block on-line reporting of political ad buys on TV and radio stations

--my local paper also had a very fine cover story on red light cameras, a revenue boon to government wich entraps a new category of sin-tax payers