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PBC News & Comment Monday, February 6

Clint Eastwood’s superbowl spot for Chrysler–a pro-Obama re-write of the Detroit bailout? NWPC calls for Brinker resignation from Komen Foundation.  Also covered–

–Madonna bandmate flips the bird on national TV, conservatives call for more censorship

–Warren Buffet is set to profit from Keystone-XL pipeline, with an excerpt from an interview with researcher Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog

–estimates of US natural gas reserves reduced by 40%

–Stanford Journalism professor Joel Brinkley has a strong column in Sunday’s S. F. Chronicle about drugs in Afghanistan: 40% of cops and soldiers are regular users.  Brinkley has agreed to talk for an upcoming podcast.

–Ayatollah Khameini issued threats from Tehran, and Israel continues to threaten a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuke facilities

–AP ran a good weekend story on the big money flowing to SuperPACs from a handful of rich f**kers

–Broadcasters lobby to block on-line reporting of political ad buys on TV and radio stations

–my local paper also had a very fine cover story on red light cameras, a revenue boon to government wich entraps a new category of sin-tax payers