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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, February 14

Our Valentine’s Day is the first anniversary of the citizen uprising in Bahrain, and we get an account of the crackdown from American activist Huwaida Arraf, in an excerpt from her interview in podcast 385.  Also covered:

–Obama’s budget doesn’t mean much, premised on many actions that are unlikely in this partisan election year, like allowing Bush tax cuts for the rich to expire

–the Far Right thinks Fox News is moving to the left!!

–George Will, “of all people” stands up for former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman; read about it at Legal Schnauzer

–Madrassa-schooled Afghan boys make second failed attempt at suicide bombing, as bible study at public schools produce Christian extremists

–at Bradblog, Ernest Canning reports on criminal report on Gov. Scott Walker, the Koch brothers’ tool who is facing a recall election