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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, February 29

We’re having website trouble–please bear (or bare) with us!  Leap day obits for Davey Jones, President Romney, plus parody tunes.The death of the lead singer of the concocted Monkees segues to an inspired Monkee parody, “We’re the Republicans” which grooves into new Mitt Romney spoof song, as the white boy from Motown loses ground while narrowly winning Michigan primary.

Also covered:

–Sen. Dianne Feinstein (conservadem, CA) continues to push her Due Process Guarantee Act, intended to fix the unconstitutional Homland Battlefield Bill in the NDAA

–Sen. Olympia Snowe (modRepublicon, ME) abruptly retires, after planning to run for re-election this year.  Democratic pick-up?

–in 1978, 59% of California voters opposed same sex marriage.  Last week, a poll showed that 59% now approve.

–Guantanamo conditions deteriorate

violence continues in Syria, al Qaeda sides with US; New Yorker’s Jon Lee Anderson has fine report from the ground, no hint of the real actors behind the rebels

–Yemen’s deposed Saleh leaves US (hooray) and returns home to install his successor (boo)

–N Y Times Saturday edition buries critical news: “US Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb”

–Tom Friedman cites Bloomberg news: US is producing 81% of its energy needs, but global oil companies export some of it