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PBC News & Comment Monday, April 2

7 dead in shooting spree at Christian college in Oakland as feds raid Oaksterdam U, the medical pot school in Oakland, and Occupy San Francisco takes over abandoned building.  Also:
--Supreme Court OK's strip searches of any suspect taken to jail

--Wisconsin recall of Gov. Scott Walker underway

--Keith Olbermann fired from Current TV

--"liberal" Ninth Circuit upholds Prop 209's attack on affirmative action in public universities

--Curveball confesses to the lies used to justify invasion of Iraq

--British debate increased surveillance

--local cops in US make widespread use of GPS tracking without court orders

--ACLU exposes FBI investigations of Muslims as part of  "community outreach"

--poll shows Californians don't trust big web companies with personal data

--E. J. Dionne, the Beltway centrist, makes some good points about how weak Democrats empower extreme Republicans