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PBC News & Comment Monday, April 23

In the face of massive GOP obstruction, Obama has expanded presidential power in the domestic arena;  NATO issues new rosy predictions about handoff to Afghans in 2014.  Also:

--NY Times finally exposes ALEC as the "stealth" corporate lobby we've known about for more than a year

--op-ed by Yale professor  Andrew March details the case of Pittsburgh pharmacist Tarek Mehanna, sentenced to 17-years for pro-Jihad speech and thought crimes

--Sen. Orrin Hatch, (Far-R-Utah) gets primary challenge from someone even further to the right

--former Dem Sen. John "Breck Boy" Edwards starts trial over hush money paid by political pals to his mistress

--Tom DeLay's former chief of staff gets 5 months house arrest--what's the delay in locking up DeLay?

--there is so much crude oil in the US that a tanker had to return to Valdez when it couldn't offload it all--we are being fleeced!

--Watergate convict Chuck Colson dies--he spent half his life fighting for prison reform