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PBC News & Comment Monday, April 23

In the face of massive GOP obstruction, Obama has expanded presidential power in the domestic arena;  NATO issues new rosy predictions about handoff to Afghans in 2014.  Also:

–NY Times finally exposes ALEC as the “stealth” corporate lobby we’ve known about for more than a year

–op-ed by Yale professor¬† Andrew March details the case of Pittsburgh pharmacist Tarek Mehanna, sentenced to 17-years for pro-Jihad speech and thought crimes

–Sen. Orrin Hatch, (Far-R-Utah) gets primary challenge from someone even further to the right

–former Dem Sen. John “Breck Boy” Edwards starts trial over hush money paid by political pals to his mistress

–Tom DeLay’s former chief of staff gets 5 months house arrest–what’s the delay in locking up DeLay?

–there is so much crude oil in the US that a tanker had to return to Valdez when it couldn’t offload it all–we are being fleeced!

–Watergate convict Chuck Colson dies–he spent half his life fighting for prison reform