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PBC News & Comment Friday, May 18

GOP-run House rejects effort to fix NDAA in line with the court ruling we reported here yesterday; House also rejects Rep. Barbara Lee's bill to pull out of Afghanistan pronto--as NATO invades Chicago    In advance of the meetings in Rahm Emmanuel's maximum security zone, the White House is lowering expectations about conditions required for our exit from Afghanistan.


--Rev. Janie Spahr's rebuke by her church for marrying gays and lesbians was rejected by a council that met this week; our special coverage is in podcast 477

--House rejects new sanctions on Iran, as Iran complains that Google maps don't properly label the Persian Gulf

--Ricketts family denies it was going to use Superpac money to bring Rev. Jeremiah Wright back to our TV screens

--Brad Friedman at Bradblog reports that a court has upheld the ruling requiring Karl Rove's Superpac to disclose its donors

--Florida is scrubbing its election rolls of thousands of voters it claims are non citizens

--Justice Dept. announces "zero tolerance" for prison rape

--Obama campaigns with Reagan love as Romney ebraces Bill Clinton--we're moving to the center

--National Nurses United holds major rally and march in Chicago promoting a tax on Wall St. transactions