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PBC News & Comment Friday, May 18

GOP-run House rejects effort to fix NDAA in line with the court ruling we reported here yesterday; House also rejects Rep. Barbara Lee’s bill to pull out of Afghanistan pronto–as NATO invades Chicago¬†¬†¬† In advance of the meetings in Rahm Emmanuel’s maximum security zone, the White House is lowering expectations about conditions required for our exit from Afghanistan.


–Rev. Janie Spahr’s rebuke by her church for marrying gays and lesbians was rejected by a council that met this week; our special coverage is in podcast 477

–House rejects new sanctions on Iran, as Iran complains that Google maps don’t properly label the Persian Gulf

–Ricketts family denies it was going to use Superpac money to bring Rev. Jeremiah Wright back to our TV screens

–Brad Friedman at Bradblog reports that a court has upheld the ruling requiring Karl Rove’s Superpac to disclose its donors

–Florida is scrubbing its election rolls of thousands of voters it claims are non citizens

–Justice Dept. announces “zero tolerance” for prison rape

–Obama campaigns with Reagan love as Romney ebraces Bill Clinton–we’re moving to the center

–National Nurses United holds major rally and march in Chicago promoting a tax on Wall St. transactions