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PBC News & Comment Friday, June 8

Lighting a “prairie fire” under Montana officials to challenge Supreme Court jurisdiction on appeal of corporate campaign ban, undermining Citizens United; public gives Court lowest marks in 25 years   

Get Active! After you listen, click here to get more information on TEAM, The Eleventh Amendment Movement.

Call Gov. Brian Schweitzer at 406-444-3111

Call Attorney General Bullock at 406-444-4026

Tell them to file the brief challenging the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in the appeal of the case “ATP vs. Bullock”.  It only takes a minute–I called both offices and the people who answered were very nice.


–lawmakers want to crack down on leakers, but not the crimes they expose

–Panetta makes fun of Pakistan for objecting to our violation of its sovereignty in Abottobad raid

–Suicide rate of US troops sets new, grisly record

–Gareth Porter reports that US scuttled deal with Iran in 2005 that might have prevented the current nuke showdown

–Greek politicians resort to WWF tactics over austerity policies–a televised wrestling match

–cuckold husband takes the rap for former Sen. John Ensign’s affair and coverups