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Montana AG Refuses to Use 11th Amendment in Supreme Court Brief; Dr. Jeff Kaye on Misuse of Malaria Drug on All Gitmo Prisoners

Veteran attorney Rob Hager joins Adam Fergatch in part 3 of our series on the Montana appeal that directly challenges the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United;  psychologist/journalist Jeffrey Kaye updates his investigation into misuse of malaria drug at Gitmo. 

Hager was lead attorney on the Karen Silkwood case, and has won cases before the Supreme Court using amicus briefs and the 11th Amendment. Fergatch reports that Montana’s attorney general has confirmed knowledge of the 11th Amendment and calls it a “winning strategy” but refuses to use it for unknown reasons.  We urge you to contact the AG and Gov. Schweitzer and ask them to reconsider.

Get Active! After you listen, click here to get more information on TEAM, The Eleventh Amendment Movement.

Call Gov. Brian Schweitzer at 406-444-3111

Call Attorney General Bullock at 406-444-2026

Tell them to file the brief challenging the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction in the appeal of the case “ATP vs. Bullock”.  It only takes a minute–I called both offices and the people who answered were very nice.

At about 39:00, Dr. Kaye returns to detail his recent article about the misuse of mefloquine on Gitmo prisoners, despite its known side effects–or because of them.  He points out that this use is not consistent with epidemiological practices, and that no authority will take responsibility for the dosing of prisoners.  He traces study of anti-malarials back to MK-ULTRA and Fort Dietrick, and we talk about the work of Hank Albarelli, whose exhaustive study showed research into these drugs in the 1950’s.  After the Church Commission in the 1970’s all such materials were ordered destroyed; Kaye concludes that this “off-label” use must be intended to debilitate prisoners.