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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, June 20

GOP-controlled House committee passes contempt citation against AG Eric Holder as Obama invokes executive privilege to expand the apparent coverup and fuel more partisan attacks   Some lefties whom I respect say the investigation of Holder is racially motivated, but I don't buy that.  Holder has been very cagey about Fast & Furious, and it smells enough that John Boehner can sniff it out--despite the Merlot and cigarettes that dull his senses.


--Mubarak is on life support, as is hope for democracy in Egypt

--pro-bankster Prime Minister takes power in Greece, most austerity terms will remain in place

--Pakistan supreme court ejects the prime minister for failing to prosecute the known-to-be-corrupt president

--Julian Assange is now holed up at the embassy of Ecuador in London, seeking asylum

--Senate is finalizing huge farm bill, cutting food stamps and crop subsidies

--supporters of Gov. Don Siegelman urge Obama to pardon him