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PBC News & Comment Thursday, June 21

NY Times reports that CIA is arming rebels in Syria via third parties;  Ann Wright and Coleen Rowley raise important questions about new head of Amnesty International, Suzanne Nossel     Read the Wright/Rowley commentary here.


--UN advocate challenges US over legality of drone kills with almost no captures

--National Security Archive releases CIA documents that show 7 warnings of al Qaeda attack plans, and two drone sightings of bin Laden in 2000

--Pakistan arrests suspect linked to Mohammed Atta

--Supreme Courts dismisses FCC fines for nudity and fleeting expletives, but declines to rule on obscenity ban

--Food bill includes protections for Monsanto GMO's

--U of Virginia fired its president, who may have opposed a corporate agenda

--PBC podcast tomorrow on solitary confinement for up to 40 years in California supermax prisons. We hear Dr. Terry Kupers on the mental health impact of long-term isolation

--SF Chronicle's token conservative has the right take on the effort to remove Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi