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PBC News & Comment Friday, June 22

As Senate committee investigates solitary confinement in US prisons, we deliver Special Report on California’s “SHU”, and lead with an excerpt from Prof. Jules Lobel, new CCR president     Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) deserves credit for holding the hearing and asking important questions.  Bureau of Prisons bureaucrat acts like a tobacco exec, says solitary confinement has no negative impacts.

–Paul Krugman takes on corporate prisons in his Friday column

–Supreme Court denies retroactive relief to crack convicts

–Spain’s chief justice resigns for billing vacations to taxpayers

–European court says that if an illness ruins your vacation, you deserve another vacation

–Egypt’s top court cements military coup, and is expected to name Mubarak ally as next president, perhaps by Monday

–one more supreme court: Pakistan’s court blocks Zardari’s nominee for prime minister

–jury convicts Philly priest of covering up sex crimes at the behest of the late Cardinal Bevilacqua

–listener Andy Dral, ex-New Yorker, supports my notion that Congressional candidate Charles Barron makes the establishment types uncomfortable, and that’s a good thing.