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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, July 17

Electronic Frontier Foundation report outlines use of aerial drones in the US;  cuts in federal spending coupled with increased costs will leave states in an economic slump after national recovery    See the EFF report here.


–Drug War’s failure is more evident than ever, prescription drug abuse much greater than cocaine or heroin

–most drug convictions come from plea bargains, and the deals often include waivers of appeal rights;  NY Times blasts this as “railroading”

–Boy Scouts USA extend ban on gay scout leaders as they cover up thousands of child sex crimes committed by (presumably) straight scout leaders

–Obama legal team fights hard to maintain lawless zone at Bagram prison, Parwan, a report shows at least 50 prisoners are from outside Afghanistan

–in Bradley Manning court martial, motions are being heard this week

–Shell Oil hits major snags in its quest to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean

–in Tokyo, large protest against restarting nuke power plants