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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, July 31

Climate skeptics confirm:  global warming is real, and caused by human activities; is it safe for Obama to talk about?    Pere-et-fille Richard-et-Elizabeth Muller were climate science skeptics 3 years ago, when they began Koch-funded research.  Will Obama ever mention global warming again?

--200,000 flee Aleppo, Syria as civil war gets hot

--more of our money wasted in Iraq: $200 mil on police training

--US is #1, gold medalist in arms sales; latest to Kuwait and Qatar

--in The Atlantic, writer Conor Friedersdorf dismantles phony stats from New America Foundation that support claims of "zero" civilian deaths from our drone strikes this year

--Sen. Tom Harkin reveals the scams of for-profit colleges: only 17% of revenues go to actual education expenses

--Ethan Bronner redeems himself with NY Times report on major defects in our voting process

--members of Pussy Riot on trial for dissing Putin