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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, July 31

Climate skeptics confirm:  global warming is real, and caused by human activities; is it safe for Obama to talk about?    Pere-et-fille Richard-et-Elizabeth Muller were climate science skeptics 3 years ago, when they began Koch-funded research.  Will Obama ever mention global warming again?

–200,000 flee Aleppo, Syria as civil war gets hot

–more of our money wasted in Iraq: $200 mil on police training

–US is #1, gold medalist in arms sales; latest to Kuwait and Qatar

–in The Atlantic, writer Conor Friedersdorf dismantles phony stats from New America Foundation that support claims of “zero” civilian deaths from our drone strikes this year

–Sen. Tom Harkin reveals the scams of for-profit colleges: only 17% of revenues go to actual education expenses

–Ethan Bronner redeems himself with NY Times report on major defects in our voting process

–members of Pussy Riot on trial for dissing Putin