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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 1

Monsanto rules the amber waves of (GMO) grain, with help from all kinds of friends inside the Beltway…….–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, author Janisse Ray talks about the loss of 94% of seed stock from 1900 to present

–War on religion, or War on women?  ‘Obamacare’ preventive benefits for women are effective today

–wounded vets from Iraq, Afghanistan who lost their testicles are denied in vitro fertilization coverage

–NY Times poll shows Obama ahead in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida

–myths and lies about 9/11 are locked in by symbolic court award

–Texas GOP leans Tea Party, chooses Ted Cruz as Senate nominee

–Post Office facing phony default over requirement to prepay retiree benefits, and DC dithers

–Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn pulls a fast one, uses veto power to amend law to ban assault weapons

–in the failed state of Yemen, Saleh loyalists kill 15

–Exxon Valdez finally goes to scrap heap

–Putin extends crackdown on opponents in Russia

–Gore Vidal dies, a unique voice goes silent