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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 1

Monsanto rules the amber waves of (GMO) grain, with help from all kinds of friends inside the Beltway.......--in excerpt from our in-depth interview, author Janisse Ray talks about the loss of 94% of seed stock from 1900 to present

--War on religion, or War on women?  'Obamacare' preventive benefits for women are effective today

--wounded vets from Iraq, Afghanistan who lost their testicles are denied in vitro fertilization coverage

--NY Times poll shows Obama ahead in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida

--myths and lies about 9/11 are locked in by symbolic court award

--Texas GOP leans Tea Party, chooses Ted Cruz as Senate nominee

--Post Office facing phony default over requirement to prepay retiree benefits, and DC dithers

--Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn pulls a fast one, uses veto power to amend law to ban assault weapons

--in the failed state of Yemen, Saleh loyalists kill 15

--Exxon Valdez finally goes to scrap heap

--Putin extends crackdown on opponents in Russia

--Gore Vidal dies, a unique voice goes silent