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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 22

Despite $54 billion spent in 10 years to train Afghan military, only 7% meet minimal standards…it’s a lost cause    Hear an excerpt from our forthcoming interview with journalist Gareth Porter regarding Israel’s threats to attack Iran

–Iran says it has new and improved missiles

–right wing propaganda blames the plans of GOP deficit hawks to cut defense spending on Obama

–Congressional Budget Office says recession likely in 2013 if Bush tax cuts are extended and Congress goes through with planned cuts

–after taking a break from buying politicians, JP Morgan Chase has resumed political contributions;  politicians have no shame, and have resumed asking for money

–Paul Ryan flips on abortion limitations and Medicare

–Alabama’s immigration law requiring students to show proof of citizenship is knocked down by federal court

–report from Damascus that Syrian Army bombed a funeral, and Obama threatens to intervene if Syria uses chemical weapons

S. F. Chronicle continues its effort to defeat Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA)

–that same paper runs pro and con commentaries on the initiative to require labelling of foods with GMO content

–court-appointed monitor of Oakland police department is accused of inapproapriate behavior toward city manager Deanna Santana

–Apple and Google are hoarding cash, over $140 billion combined–they should create some demand and some jobs