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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 22

Despite $54 billion spent in 10 years to train Afghan military, only 7% meet minimal's a lost cause    Hear an excerpt from our forthcoming interview with journalist Gareth Porter regarding Israel's threats to attack Iran

--Iran says it has new and improved missiles

--right wing propaganda blames the plans of GOP deficit hawks to cut defense spending on Obama

--Congressional Budget Office says recession likely in 2013 if Bush tax cuts are extended and Congress goes through with planned cuts

--after taking a break from buying politicians, JP Morgan Chase has resumed political contributions;  politicians have no shame, and have resumed asking for money

--Paul Ryan flips on abortion limitations and Medicare

--Alabama's immigration law requiring students to show proof of citizenship is knocked down by federal court

--report from Damascus that Syrian Army bombed a funeral, and Obama threatens to intervene if Syria uses chemical weapons

--S. F. Chronicle continues its effort to defeat Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA)

--that same paper runs pro and con commentaries on the initiative to require labelling of foods with GMO content

--court-appointed monitor of Oakland police department is accused of inapproapriate behavior toward city manager Deanna Santana

--Apple and Google are hoarding cash, over $140 billion combined--they should create some demand and some jobs