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PBC News & Comment Monday, October 15

Time to leave Afghanistan: NY Times faces the facts, unlike Obama and Romney; more on undeclared cyberwar w/Iran, blowback....    --Turkey's grounding of a Syrian airliner last week, with allegation it had Soviet weapons, portends widening of the Syrian civil war to regional conflict, possible world war

--Hezbollah acknowledges that it sent a drone, made from Iranian parts, on recon over Israel a week ago

--US withholding of money to UNESCO in retaliation for Palestinian statehood recognition from UN hurts innocent people

--CNN's Candy Crowley says she will ask follow-up questions in moderating Tuesday's Obama-Romney debate, in defiance of the agreement that Jim Lehrer accepted

--Thomas Frank has blunt comment about Dems refusal to take on the "flagrantly rigged casons of American economic life"

--former PA Senator Arlen Specter dies

--Oakland plans to fire and discipline cops for unlawful behavior at last year's Occupy protests

--Oakland's biggest medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside, sues Feds for attempt to shut them down, has strong legal case

--SF Chronicle is sore loser, keeps attacking reinstated Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi