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PBC News & Comment Monday, October 15

Time to leave Afghanistan: NY Times faces the facts, unlike Obama and Romney; more on undeclared cyberwar w/Iran, blowback….    –Turkey’s grounding of a Syrian airliner last week, with allegation it had Soviet weapons, portends widening of the Syrian civil war to regional conflict, possible world war

–Hezbollah acknowledges that it sent a drone, made from Iranian parts, on recon over Israel a week ago

–US withholding of money to UNESCO in retaliation for Palestinian statehood recognition from UN hurts innocent people

–CNN’s Candy Crowley says she will ask follow-up questions in moderating Tuesday’s Obama-Romney debate, in defiance of the agreement that Jim Lehrer accepted

–Thomas Frank has blunt comment about Dems refusal to take on the “flagrantly rigged casons of American economic life”

–former PA Senator Arlen Specter dies

–Oakland plans to fire and discipline cops for unlawful behavior at last year’s Occupy protests

–Oakland’s biggest medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside, sues Feds for attempt to shut them down, has strong legal case

SF Chronicle is sore loser, keeps attacking reinstated Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi