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PBC News & Comment: Petraeus & Military MILF’s Gone Wild!

Petraeus scandal widens into full-blown soap, we learn that Jill Kelley had affair with Gen. Allen, has hot twin sister…
This will be a prime time drama, as Congressional leaders distract us from the real work of the lame duck session with horny generals, hot mamas and steamy emails. And don’t forget Jill’s FBI buddy who started the investigation, then sent her topless photos of himself. Why do the people atop the police state apparatus think it won’t expose their down-low antics?

–Like preseason baseball trades, Obama is floating trial balloons about musical chairs in the cabinet: Sen. John Kerry to Defense, UN rep Susan Rice to State?

–Nancy Pelosi is set to announce plans on Wednesday; with no insider info, it looks to your humble host that she will step down as leader and retire before the end of her term

Prof. William K. Black, who helped expose and prosecute Savings & Loan bandits in the 1980’s, has an important article about the threat of Obama selling out the social safety net

–Vince Warren, from Center for Constitutional Rights, has an agenda for Obama 2.0 at Truthout