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Pepe Escobar Recaps his Western US Road Trip, Comments on Petraeus, Benghazi, and the New Gaza War


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Globetrotting reporter Pepe Escobar returns for a debrief on his recent adventure in the US, talks about the real Petraeus, Benghazi and Gaza. Gary Chew reviews Lincoln. Escobar roams the world for Asia Times and offers us his colorful, informed comments and observations.

We start with his recent road trip in the American West at election time, stylin’ in a rented Mustang convertible: from LA to San Francisco, then Reno, Salt Lake, meeting explorers from China in the Utah desert, New Mexico, Arizona and back to Las Vegas for election day.

Then we talk about the real David Petraeus, and the “surge” in Iraq. Pepe was there, and tells the real story. From there, Escobar takes us to Benghazi, and asks about the real role of the CIA in Libya. And he has strong comments about the Israeli attack on Gaza.

At 1:02, Gary Chew reviews Steven Spielberg’s new film, Lincoln.