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PBC News & Comment: Rice is Nice, Won’t Be Secretary of State

Susan Rice withdraws from consideration as Secretary of State, as left joins right opposing her; Rep.  Woolsey's final antiwar speech...

Rice drew darts from the right for Benghazi spin, and from the left of her stock ownership in Transcanada, builder of Keystone/XL

--my Congresswoman, Lynn Woolsey, is retiring, and gave her 444th and last antiwar speech on the House floor

--Rachel Maddowon MSDNC is now free to criticize Obama on Afghanistan

--in an excerpt from our in-depth interview, former Iranian hostage Sarah Shourd talks about the barbaric, widespread use of solitary confinement in American prisons

--European court rules against US rendition, detention and torture of Khalid al-Masri

--Michigan compounds its errors on Right to Work, passes restrictive abortion laws

--US declines to sign on to updated international Telecom treaty

--Jerry Brown has prostate cancer

--Oakland cops remain rogue as crime rate rises

--Virgin Galactic stiffs New Mexico over $200 million spaceport