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PBC News & Comment: Rice is Nice, Won’t Be Secretary of State

Susan Rice withdraws from consideration as Secretary of State, as left joins right opposing her; Rep.  Woolsey’s final antiwar speech…

Rice drew darts from the right for Benghazi spin, and from the left of her stock ownership in Transcanada, builder of Keystone/XL

–my Congresswoman, Lynn Woolsey, is retiring, and gave her 444th and last antiwar speech on the House floor

–Rachel Maddowon MSDNC is now free to criticize Obama on Afghanistan

–in an excerpt from our in-depth interview, former Iranian hostage Sarah Shourd talks about the barbaric, widespread use of solitary confinement in American prisons

–European court rules against US rendition, detention and torture of Khalid al-Masri

–Michigan compounds its errors on Right to Work, passes restrictive abortion laws

–US declines to sign on to updated international Telecom treaty

–Jerry Brown has prostate cancer

–Oakland cops remain rogue as crime rate rises

–Virgin Galactic stiffs New Mexico over $200 million spaceport