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PBC News & Comment: Another Gun Massacre, Inaction is Inexcusable

At least 28 die in Newtown, Connecticut shooting spree;  Obama again offers condolences, we need leadership on gun violence issues   –another “stand your ground” shooting in FLorida

–“fiscal cliff” debate riddled with unhelpful language and framing, says author Anat Shenker-Osorio

–Senate Intel committee approves report on torture, detention and rendition–will we ever see it?

NY Times editorial joins voices calling for end to solitary confinement abuses in American prisons

–US will send 400 troops to Turkey–is this the mission that will creep up to war with Syria?

–Russia backs away from Assad, sort of

–Liebermans step down:  Joe in the US, Avigdor in Israel

–Sen. McCaskill wants FAA to let you use your computer on the plane at all times