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PBC News & Comment: Another Gun Massacre, Inaction is Inexcusable

At least 28 die in Newtown, Connecticut shooting spree;  Obama again offers condolences, we need leadership on gun violence issues   --another "stand your ground" shooting in FLorida

--"fiscal cliff" debate riddled with unhelpful language and framing, says author Anat Shenker-Osorio

--Senate Intel committee approves report on torture, detention and rendition--will we ever see it?

--NY Times editorial joins voices calling for end to solitary confinement abuses in American prisons

--US will send 400 troops to Turkey--is this the mission that will creep up to war with Syria?

--Russia backs away from Assad, sort of

--Liebermans step down:  Joe in the US, Avigdor in Israel

--Sen. McCaskill wants FAA to let you use your computer on the plane at all times