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PBC News & Comment: “Zero Dark 30” Tortures the Truth

3 Senators tell Sony Pictures that film of bin Laden raid depicts false notion that info from tortureĀ  led to Abbottabad.....--former State Dept. officer Peter van Buren says torture was wrong, coverups make it worse

--Jason Leopold and Dr. Jeff Kaye of Truthout update the Gitmo "suicide" of Adnan Latif of Yemen

--Boehner's plan B kills tax increases for incomes up to $1 million, withshuffle to prevent defense cuts at our expense

--Obama pushes Social Security cuts to benefits, nothing to do the with deficit

--Israel defies critics, moves ahead with construction in Jerusalem

--Russian parliament bans American adoptions of Russian babies

--PBC salutes the Hancock 15 for going to jail after protesting drones

--PBC admits he was wrong about Limbaugh retiring

--Mike Huckabee uses coded language to blame gays and other liberals for Newtown massacre

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