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PBC News & Comment: “Zero Dark 30” Tortures the Truth

3 Senators tell Sony Pictures that film of bin Laden raid depicts false notion that info from tortureĀ  led to Abbottabad…..–former State Dept. officer Peter van Buren says torture was wrong, coverups make it worse

–Jason Leopold and Dr. Jeff Kaye of Truthout update the Gitmo “suicide” of Adnan Latif of Yemen

–Boehner’s plan B kills tax increases for incomes up to $1 million, withshuffle to prevent defense cuts at our expense

–Obama pushes Social Security cuts to benefits, nothing to do the with deficit

–Israel defies critics, moves ahead with construction in Jerusalem

–Russian parliament bans American adoptions of Russian babies

–PBC salutes the Hancock 15 for going to jail after protesting drones

–PBC admits he was wrong about Limbaugh retiring

–Mike Huckabee uses coded language to blame gays and other liberals for Newtown massacre

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