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PBC News & Comment: After Another Empty Veto Threat, Obama Signs NDAA

Obama was just kidding about a veto for NDAA, he signs it on the beach in Hawaii, with signing statement…..PBC notes the president leaned to the left on closing Guantanamo while asserting near-imperial powers as Johnny Cash opens the podcast

–Judge Pohl at Guantanamo pulls the curtain closed on KSM trial, with gag order (even on unclassified information), secret jury; this builds on his December 6 order making secret the widely known torture of the defendants

–Boehner re-elected Speaker of the House, after infuriating GOP leaders in Sandy states steamed over his blocking $60 billion in hurricane relief

–Senate reform of filibuster rules delayed but looks promising; we name 7 Dems who can swing the vote

–a listing of the Pulled Pork in the fiscal cliff vote, Goldman Sachs and other banksters make off like the bandits they are

–Warren Buffet plays both sides, adds $2.5 billion solar investment to his portfolio

–FTC ends investigation into Google search bias, no charges

–Al Gore sells Current to Al Jazeera