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PBC News & Comment: After Another Empty Veto Threat, Obama Signs NDAA

Obama was just kidding about a veto for NDAA, he signs it on the beach in Hawaii, with signing statement.....PBC notes the president leaned to the left on closing Guantanamo while asserting near-imperial powers as Johnny Cash opens the podcast

--Judge Pohl at Guantanamo pulls the curtain closed on KSM trial, with gag order (even on unclassified information), secret jury; this builds on his December 6 order making secret the widely known torture of the defendants

--Boehner re-elected Speaker of the House, after infuriating GOP leaders in Sandy states steamed over his blocking $60 billion in hurricane relief

--Senate reform of filibuster rules delayed but looks promising; we name 7 Dems who can swing the vote

--a listing of the Pulled Pork in the fiscal cliff vote, Goldman Sachs and other banksters make off like the bandits they are

--Warren Buffet plays both sides, adds $2.5 billion solar investment to his portfolio

--FTC ends investigation into Google search bias, no charges

--Al Gore sells Current to Al Jazeera