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PBC News & Comment: Judge Blocks Release of Assassination Memo, Didn’t Want to Do It

Federal Judge reluctantly blocks release of memo used to justify the targeted "extinction" of US citizen al-Awlaki by drone strike....In what the judge herself admitted was a bizarre ruling, federal jurist Colleen McMahon refused to order the release of the memo that rationalized Obama's order to kill Anwar al-Awlaki:  "The Alice-in-Wonderland nature of this pronouncement is not lost on me"

--US reports that its "secret" drone program killed a Taliban leader, blowback is building

--blowback example:  NY Times profiles a former Afghan soldier who killed an American and survived to brag about it

--another example: Pakistanis who proved target intel to US are tortured, forced to confess on camera, and then executed

--in an excerpt from our in-depth interview, Shahid Buttar of Bill of Rights Defense Committee tells about Sen. Feinstein's lies about the scope of the FISA surveillance on Americans

--San Francisco Chronicle editorial praises Japanese American survivors of WWII internment who oppose NDAA detention law

--DNA data used to clear wrongful conviction for rape in W. VA, but most DNA databases are not available to defense lawyers to prove innocence

--Transocean agrees to $1.4 billion for Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, as Shell's Arctic rig remains aground--we don't learn from blunders

--NY man who flipped the bird to a cop running speed trap wins right to sue, 6 years later