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PBC News & Comment: No more appeals in wiretap case, President can break the law

Further nullification of 4th Amendment rights, as lawyer Jon Eisenberg explains why further appeals would be too risky--big setback!As detailed in today's in-depth interview, attorney Eisenberg returns for the last of many interviews about the al-Haramain wiretapping case, the only one to survive ferocious government opposition and win a verdict.  Overturned by the allegedly-liberal 9th Circuit in San Francisco, the legal team has decided it's too risky to appeal to the Supreme Court, which might lock in an even worse, national precedent.

--Marin County activist Jonathan Frieman challenges traffic ticket for driving solo in a carpool lane that required at least two persons in the car.  His novel defense: he had corporation papers in the passenger seat, and since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, the ticket should be dismissed

--Oil tanker scrapes tower of Bay Bridge, no oil spill reported

--suspect who allegedly killed 7 people in shooting spree at obscure Oikos University last year declared incompetent for trial

--Gov. Brown defies federal judge, demands return of control of California's prisons

--suspect in Benghazi attack released in Tunisia due to lack of evidence

--San Francisco Mayor who tried to fire Sheriff on phony "official misconduct" charge is protecting his buddy at the Housing Authority, who faces multiple charges of abusive treatment of employees

--Artic oil rig towed to safety, no spill reported

--Obama is the stingiest president since 1900 to use his pardon powers; PBC urges commutation or pardon for Don Siegelman