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Minstrel Roy Zimmerman Returns to Share New Songs, Report on 49-state US Tour



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Roy Zimmerman, singer-songwriter with a satirical political twist, is back with new songs and a report on his election year road trip.Just to lighten things up a bit around here, Zimmerman dropped by the secret studio to play some new songs and drop his new DVD, Live From the Starving Ear, which gives you the concert experience, complete with his exceptional patter between tunes.

Zimmerman reports on his 49-state tour last year, where he found many “blue dots” of progressives in red states.  He was in Charlotte for the Dem convention and Tampa for the Clint Eastwood-GOP convention, and drank in many scenes of Real America.

One song he debuts with a studio performance is “Vagina” which is an imaginary dialogue between left and right legislators in Michigan, where a female lawmaker was sanctioned for using the word in a speech in the Michigan House.

Look for Roy’s videos at YouTube, his songs on iTunes, and visit his website.