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PBC News & Comment: US Troops Plagued by Suicide, Sexual Abuse

349 active duty soldiers committed suicide in 2012, as sexual abuse–including rape and command rape–continues at alarming rateWe learned this week that more soldiers killed themselves than were killed in the war in Afghanistan last year, and sexual abuse continues at an epidemic level

–soldier who pissed on dead Afghan gets light punishment

–Algerians raid oil complex, some hostages freed, some killed

–hear an excerpt from our interviews with Wake Forest Prof. David Coates and activist Norman Solomon, who review Obama’s first term and preview the second

–some Senators are actively working on major reform of the filibuster rules–we name the Senators you need to lobby

–another dubious domestic terrorism trial in Miami, read about it here

–Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is resigning–will his replacement be any better?

Zero Dark 30 lead actress Jessica Chastain tells Jon Stewart that the filmmakers had no cooperation from the government, did not submit script for approval….PBC finds that hard to believe