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PBC News & Comment: US Troops Plagued by Suicide, Sexual Abuse

349 active duty soldiers committed suicide in 2012, as sexual abuse--including rape and command rape--continues at alarming rateWe learned this week that more soldiers killed themselves than were killed in the war in Afghanistan last year, and sexual abuse continues at an epidemic level

--soldier who pissed on dead Afghan gets light punishment

--Algerians raid oil complex, some hostages freed, some killed

--hear an excerpt from our interviews with Wake Forest Prof. David Coates and activist Norman Solomon, who review Obama's first term and preview the second

--some Senators are actively working on major reform of the filibuster rules--we name the Senators you need to lobby

--another dubious domestic terrorism trial in Miami, read about it here

--Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is resigning--will his replacement be any better?

--Zero Dark 30 lead actress Jessica Chastain tells Jon Stewart that the filmmakers had no cooperation from the government, did not submit script for approval....PBC finds that hard to believe